A Note from the President

Dr. Kim GeigerGreetings!

Thank you for taking the time to investigate Omega Graduate School (OGS), the American Center for Religion and Society Studies, in Dayton, Tennessee.

You’re probably wondering, “Is the name associated with the University of Oxford?” and “Why should I choose OGS over all the other universities that offer advanced degrees?”

Well, I’m so glad you asked.

We Reflect a European Approach to Education with Cordial Links to the University of Oxford

Although OGS does not have a formal relationship to the University of Oxford, our students conduct research in Europe, and participate in courses, seminars, and lectures at Kellogg College, the Adult and Continuing Education College of the University. Students have been participating in this annual trip to the UK for nearly 40 years, since the founding of OGS in 1981. The OGS “tutorial method” of study was inspired by the time-tested British model that is used at the University of Oxford to this day. The tutorial method focuses on the value of one. In a small group setting with attentive faculty, students develop the ability to think critically and creatively, applying their faith to solve social problems in their professions.

We Specialize in a Christian Approach to Social Research

OGS is a research institution that provides a synergetic educational environment for the advancement of knowledge in the field of religion and society. This community of scholars, combining a European approach to academic research with distinctives drawn from American educational models, is committed to research that will result in the assimilation of essential Christian principles into the dynamics of society and the formation of a body of literature related to this subject.

Our Program is Geared Toward Adult Professionals from All Disciplines

OGS is primarily an andragogic (adult-learning) educational model with synergogic (learning together) learning designs. The OGS faculty attempt to create a climate conducive to adult learning, mutual respect, and mutual trust. There is a collaborativeness and supportiveness about the faculty, and an openness and authenticity about the student body which combines to create a community of scholars.

Our Goal is for All Students to Complete a Doctoral Degree

The OGS program is designed to facilitate rather than intimidate. Unlike other PhD programs, the OGS DPhil program does not threaten to eliminate, but is diagnostic and prescriptive in an effort to facilitate completion. The program is designed for the busy Christian professional already making a difference in a profession. Busy professionals appreciate the uniform and standardized program that is also hand-tailored by individualistic, self-paced, and independent study.

We are Open to All Denominations, Parachurch Organizations, and Non-Profit Organizations

Founded in 1981, OGS is a freestanding educational institute committed to the advancement of Christian leadership through the integration of religion and society. The program is non-sectarian, non-profit, and non-discriminatory. The aim of OGS is unite faith based organizations, institutions, and non-profits that are socially responsible by growing and equipping leaders both professionally and personally through social research.

I invite you to learn more about us by submitting an Admission Inquiry. We look forward to having you on campus with us soon!


Dr. Kimberly Geiger
Omega Graduate School
American Centre for Religion and Society Studies (ACRSS)

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