Alumni Spotlight: Publishing

September 18th, 2015


We recently have several alumni in the spotlight for publishing:

Ashley Linne, MLitt, has published “Inseperable,” the first book in a series entitled “InScribed” published by Thomas Nelson Publishing. Four of the titles in the collection, written by other women, are currently available. Her title, along with two other women’s books, will publish in October.

Kevin Riggs, DPhil, has new book, “Evangelism for the 21st Century” which is available from Dr. Riggs or

Josh Reichard, DPhil, and Youngstown Academy in Ohio were featured in February edition of the on-line National Review, “Fight Poverty Through Virtuous Schools.” See

David Ward, DPhil, published an article entitled “Interdisciplinary Faith-Learning Integration for Social Change” in the 25th anniversary issue of the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 26.1/2 (2014): 29-56. The article describes a seven stage learning process taught at OGS and compares and contrasts it with contemporary models of interdisciplinary studies. See for abstracts. The journal can be accessed through the OGS ProQuest databases. You can also check out the OGS Calendar.

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