Forward...Our New Season (Capital Campaign)

June 20th, 2017


Since the founding in 1984 we have been driven by our mission which is to equip Christians to integrate religion and society in order to transform the family, church, and community worldwide. This continues to be the heartbeat of everything we do. There has never been a greater need for Christian Scholars to address the global academy by presenting timeless truths through social research.

We have continued to move forward. During our founding season Dr. Hollis Green, working with a large group of capable academicians, guided us through the plenary process and got the school operational. Our next advance came under the leadership of Dr. Becky Tucker who led us through the season in which we received accreditation. We are beginning a new season of growth which can come to fruition through new and renewed commitments through friends like you.

For this reason I am asking you to join the Board of Regents, our Administration, and Faculty, Staff and me in taking the lead in giving as we ask our alumni and friends to prayerfully consider making a financial commitment through November 1, 2018 to Forward….Our New Season. Please pray, then listen, and then obey God’s specific guidance for your giving. In the months ahead, together, we want to raise as much as we can to meet our need of $300,000.00. These funds will greatly strengthen our home base and help us to better serve our current and future students.

What is the Forward…Our New Season Campaign?

Forward…Our New Season is a comprehensive effort to raise funds for three areas of ministry. They are: 1. Updating materials, equipment, accreditations and work study programs for students. 2. Catching up on deferred maintenance of facilities and equipment. 3. Providing for key functions that serve current and potential students

Why are we raising funds in this way?

We need to change. Rather than continuing our practice of making emergency appeals to keep the school afloat, we are taking a proactive stance. Having evaluated projections for ongoing and future needs this effort represents a forward looking approach geared towards helping the school thrive. Our capital campaign will be combined with efforts at recruitment and retention of students and exploring additional sources of income.

How will the funds be spent?

As contributions are received, they will be used on a priority basis as determined by our Administration and Financial Affairs Committee. We will not borrow any funds on the basis of anticipated donations. As funds become available we will use them to meet ranked needs.

What are some creative ways to give?

Your giving may include cash, real estate, stocks and bonds, collections, vehicles, equipment, livestock, jewelry and tax refunds, the creation of trusts and other creative means of giving. If you need assistance with a planned gift, we are happy to work with the professional counsel of your choice.

What should I do?

Above all else, pray. Ask God what you should give. Then listen to what He tells you. Finally, respond in obedience. Your giving reflects your personal relationship with God and is a partnership between you, God and our school. All of our constituents and those who will be joining us will be asked to participate as God leads them. Let’s expect God to do great things as we move Forward together.


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