The History of Oxford Graduate School

The Oxford Graduate School Program arose as an innovative interdisciplinary research institution in the early 1980’s. Oxford Graduate School is a research institution committed to providing a quality educational experience for working adults. The Graduate School provides studies leading to a Master of Letters degree focusing on Family Life Education or Organizational Leadership and a Doctor of Philosophy degree focusing on the family, community, and the church. The academic objective for the doctorate is the integration of religion and society.

Oxford Graduate School is an independent, freestanding American institution which operates in the United Kingdom through the American Centre for Religion/Society Studies. Although it has cordial links with various departments and colleges of the University of Oxford, it has no formal connection with the University.

The founders recognized the need for adults to advance in their fields by researching contemporary problems and reporting their findings in a way that contributed to the body of literature related to their work. The curriculum of the school was designed to provide an educational experience which combined rigorous academic standards with a Christian perspective. The goal of the program was to use modern research methodology to investigate concerns and to propose possible problem solutions. Dr. Hollis Green, the founder of Oxford Graduate School, served as President and Chancellor from 1981 to 2008 when he transitioned to retirement status.

Crystal Springs community in Rhea County, Tennessee, was selected for the location of the school because of proximity to major cities in the southeast. A retreat-like, pastoral setting was purchased for the campus. For more than 20 years students have found opportunities for academic, personal, and spiritual growth as participants in programs at Oxford Graduate School.

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