The Omega Graduate School (OGS) interdisciplinary degree programs are designed to prepare Christian leaders to integrate faith/learning and religion/society and conduct original research

Degrees awarded at OGS are the Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in the Integration of Religion and Society and the Master of Letters (MLitt) in Family Life Education or Organizational Leadership

The OGS program is designed to enable students to become active Christians within their work and spheres of influence. The entire curriculum facilitates an interdisciplinary doctoral program that combines two disciplines – religion and interdisciplinary studies. By the completion of the doctoral program of studies, students are equipped to address real world problems. The goal of OGS is that students worldwide will employ the skills they learn for lifelong learning to affect change in the world.
OGS emphasizes Christian interdisciplinary studies. The purpose is to provide a learning environment that integrates distinctively Christian thinking with research to address social problems related to the family, church, and community.
OGS uses specific course methodology for instruction. The program includes courses described as seminar, colloquium, or tutorial. These instructional designs are tailored to meet specific needs and facilitate learning throughout the interdisciplinary program. Multiple course methodologies in Research, Communications, Philosophy, and Leadership provide program cohesiveness and contribute to the solidarity of Omega Graduate School’s mission of lifelong learning and scholarship.

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