Reach your academic goals one week at a time.

The OGS doctoral program consists of six week-long residencies called Cores. Intensive, interactive, innovative are words students have used to describe these transformative experiences.

  • At the heart of the Omega Graduate School experience is a community of adult learners and educators who collaborate to share insights and perspectives.
  • Classes are designed as “roundtable discussions” where you contribute to synergetic learning with your professors.
  • In short-term residencies, you will not only discuss ideas introduced in your courses, you will share your own related work experiences with other adult learners.
  • You will develop vibrant, collegial relationships that continue after graduation and enhance your network for a lifetime.

The intensive sessions include interactive lecture and symposium-style classes with faculty. Advance preparation is required.  Discover more about the week-long Cores in the Academic Catalog.

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