University of Oxford Seminar

Omega Graduate School has been leading trips for our students to the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library for almost 30 years.

Integral to our program, this life-changing seminar immerses students into one of the world’s most prestigious libraries. With over 120 miles of occupied shelving, 29 reading rooms, and 2,490 places for readers, many students describe it as the most enriching and rewarding experience of their coursework.

Bodleian Library

The University of Oxford Trip includes:

  •      Hands-on experience at one of the world’s most prestigious libraries
  •      Induction as readers into the Bodleian Library
  •      Seminars presented on contemporary issues facing society
  •      Morality and Law course offered annually at this location
  •      Required for the D.Phil degree (Reading and Research Seminar)

Aternative Sessions

Students with health or special needs that prevent travel may request persmission to complete alternate sessions on campus in Tennessee.



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