University of Oxford Bodleian Library

OGS Library has institutional status with the Bodleian Library, the graduate library of the University of Oxford. With this status, OGS is able to recommend students for Reader status. Reader status allows students who attend the Oxford Reading and Research Seminars offered at the University, to research within Bodleian Library.

The Library Of Congress

All OGS students are required to participate in the Reading and Research Seminar at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. As the largeest research library in the world, the Library of Congress provides OGS students the opportunity to research the best resources available for their subjects of study.

Byran College

Through a cordial relationship with Byran College in Dayton, TN, OGS students have full access to their Library resources. The Library at Bryan College provides a collection which includes dozens of online, full-text databases, more than 10,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers, and more than 150,000 print and digital books.

OGS Dissertation Titles

Address orders for a dissertation to:  Dissertation Supervisor, Oxford Graduate School, 500 Oxford Drive, Dayton, TN 37321.  Cost for a copy of a dissertation is $30.

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