Tuition and Financing


Federal Student Loans

Omega Graduate School is approved to participate in the US Department of Education Direct Lending program for Federal Student Loans.  For further information regarding how to utilize the Federal Student Loan program for financing your education, click on the links below:


Sliding Scale Tuition Calculator

Please use our Sliding Scale Tuition Calculator on the Admissions Portal to estimate your cost of attendance based on your family size and household income. OGS offers extremely affordable tuition discounted according to your means. Multiple partner scholarships and some scholarships are available.



The Janice Scholarship (Upper Core Students Only)

About the Scholarship

The Janice Scholarship is an award given by Dr. Loren Humphrey in memory of his beloved wife, Janice.  The Humphrey’s passion is to support professionals who have a desire and a focus on leadership.  The scholarship is awarded to students who focus on the development and support of leaders.  The award is given in $1,000 increments and is credited directly to a student’s school tuition account.  The Janice Fund committee will notify students who receive the reward.  The application can be found at the following link:  Janice Scholarship Fund Application.

World Changer Scholarship (Upper Core Students Only)

About the Scholarship

The World Changer Scholarship committee is looking for outstanding individuals who will be World Changers.  The amount of the award varies and is based upon funds availability.  Students must complete an application and remit all required documentation for award consideration.  Information and application can be accessed by clicking on the following link:  World Changer Scholarship Application.


Tuition Reductions

Students are eligible for only ONE form of tuition reduction.


Tuition Reduction Grants

Financial assistance is available based on income and are available on request.  Grant awards can range from a 10% to a 50% tuition reduction.  Only students enrolled full-time in either the Doctoral or Masters program are eligible for grant consideration.  Students enrolled in an ABD degree completion program do not qualify for a Tuition Reduction Grant.  For more information, please click on the following link: Tuition Reduction Grant Information or contact

  •  Tuition Reduction Grant Application  | Click to download in pdf format
  • Sending instructions: 
    • Fill, scan and email application to
    • OR Fax application to OGS: (+001) 423-775-6599 Attn: Finance
    • OR Send by postal mail to:  Omega Graduate School, Attn:  Finance, 500 Oxford Drive, Dayton, TN 37321


Tuition Lump-Sum Payment Discount

A 12% Tuition Reduction may be granted for students who elect to either pay their tuition in full at the beginning of their contract or pay their tuition in equal annual payments.


Christian School Leaders Discount

A 30% tuition discount is available to Christian School Leaders who enroll in a group of two or more from the same school.  Students must start cores together.  As long as two or more maintain enrollment, the discount remains in place.  If only one student remains enrolled from the school, the discount is forfeited.  


Vision International Alumni Discount

Graduates of Vision International are eligible to receive a 30% discount from their program of study at Omega Graduate School.


MLitt to DPhil Tuition Reduction Award

Omega Graduate School MLitt graduates who enroll in the Omega DPhil Program within one year of MLitt program graduation will be granted an award of $8,000 toward their DPhil program tuition. For former MLitt graduates who enroll after one year of program completion, the MLitt to DPhil Tuition Reduction Award decreases to $5,000.


Work/Study Positions

Full Tuition or Half Tuition Reductions – Subject to availability.


Limited-Time Awards

Awards may be given in the name of an existing student or for enrollment in a Specific Core session – Subject to availability.


Family of Employee Tuition Reductions

A child or spouse of an employee of Omega Graduate School is eligible for a 40% tuition reduction for their program of study.


Veterans Education Benefits

Omega Graduate School participates in Veteran’s Benefits Administration (VA) benefits.  For veterans interested in utilizing their GI Bill® benefits for the financing of their education, please click here.  For Chapter 33 (The Post-9/11 GI Bill) Benefit Information, please click here .  Veterans benefit information is available at:

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).