Graduation: May 2nd, 1982
Degree: Doctor of Philosophy in the Integration of Religion and Society

Tony Weedor was raised in a Muslim home where he was trained by his uncle to succeed him as a religious leader. It was Tony’s experience reading the Koran that lead him to seek the truth found in Jesus Christ. At age 22, he began a life of running from his own people for his safety.

From 1982 through 2007 he saw his mother only twice. After becoming a Christian, Tony attended Bible College in Liberia and broadcasted the gospel from a Christian radio station. He has written numerous articles and has been published extensively in newspapers in Liberia.

When the Civil War began in Liberia, he and two or three-hundred thousand others escaped by walking from Liberia to the Ivory Coast, a country in the southern part of West Africa. The conditions of the escape resulted in Tony, a 150-pound man becoming an 85-pound refugee living in a hut with no electricity and no running water.

Against all odds, Tony started five churches during his three years in the Ivory Coast. Financial support from an Iowa dentist and his wife made it possible for Tony to study at Denver Seminary in Colorado. From there he returned to Ethiopia where he worked for five years developing church leaders.

Tony is the founder of CenterPoint International Foundation and is the African Desk Director for advancing Native Missions.  His recently has founded Petals of Hope Academy which addresses the ills of girls and trafficking.  He is a student at OGS working on his DPhil degree.

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