Tution Discounts

Recognized Organizations and Partners

Omega Graduate School offers the following automatic tuition discounts to recognized organizations and constituency groups:

  1. United States Veterans – 15% Discount
  2. National Association of Christian Social Workers – 25% Discount
  3. Christian School Educators (teachers, administrators, staff) – 30% Discount
  4. United Methodist Lay Servants – 30% Discount
  5. Vision International Alumni – 30% Discount
  6. Ohio Christian Education Network (OCEN) and the Center for Christian Virtue (CCV) Employees and Affiliates – 35% Discount
  7. Spouse Discount: 50% (for married couples)

For example, a 30% discount would reduce monthly tuition payments from $500/month to $350/month.

Sliding Scale Tuition Based on Household Income

Omega Graduate School also offers a sliding scale tuition discount up to 500% above the US Federal Poverty Rate according to household size. Please use our Cost of Attendance Calculator to determine your sliding scale discount according to your household income.

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NOTE: These discounts apply only to students enrolling for the Spring 2024 term and beyond.