Omega Graduate School is a Life-Changing Experience.

Omega Graduate School combines life changing research trips with short-term, on-campus residences and online interactivity for a diverse and engaging learning experience.

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More than an academic program – a life-changing experience!

Are you called to be a Christian leader who will change the world? Develop the passion and skills to think through and offer real contributions to the complex issues facing the twenty-first century world. Real learning occurs as you dialogue and interact, not just with the faculty, but with other adult learners globally and from all types of occupations. Omega Graduate School promotes a distinctively different learning community focused on adults where the traditional barriers to lifelong learning are replaced with:

  • an emphasis on research and knowledge with real-world results
  • an empowering mission to effect social change in the world
  • a diverse student body that spans geographical, cultural, and religious boundaries

Do you want face-to-face interaction with top professors? The week-long learning sessions at our retreat-style campus in Tennessee build lasting relationships as you complete critical coursework.

World Changing Curriculum

Are you striving for social change? The impact of our graduates is felt worldwide. You’ll learn research-oriented application of your Christian values to transform lives as well as the workplace.

Flexible Schedule, Unwavering Commitment

Are you balancing graduate school with your career and family life? Directed Internet Assisted Learning (DIAL) allows you to easily submit course work and communicate with professors from your home.

Research at the World’s Best Libraries

Do you want to conduct serious research? For nearly 30 years, Omega Graduate School hosted annual research trips to the Library of Congress and the UK.


Reach your academic goals one week at a time.

The OGS doctoral program consists of five week-long residencies called Cores. Intensive, interactive, innovative are words students have used to describe these transformative experiences.

  • At the heart of the Omega Graduate School experience is a community of adult learners and educators who collaborate to share insights and perspectives.
  • Classes are designed as “roundtable discussions” where you contribute to synergetic learning with your professors.
  • In short-term residencies, you will not only discuss ideas introduced in your courses, you will share your own related work experiences with other adult learners.
  • You will develop vibrant, collegial relationships that continue after graduation and enhance your network for a lifetime.

The intensive sessions include interactive lecture and symposium-style classes with faculty. Advance preparation is required.  Discover more about the week-long Cores in the Academic Catalog.