Guardians of OGS

Guardians of OGS have pledged to support Omega Graduate School’s accreditation, state authorization, and compliance expenses to help ensure the institution’s reputation and stability for future generations. Please join the Guardians by completing this pledge form and giving online.

Platinum/Legacy Guardians

Hollis L. Green
Kimberly Geiger
Loren Humphrey
Rebecca Tucker
Jerry Fleming

Gold Guardians

U. A. Thompson
David Ostrowski
David Anderson
Antwan D Brown
Rachel Gonatas
Cynthia Schmitt
J. Andrew McCullough
Hollisa Alewine
Shane Merritt
Sharon Perry
Robbie Johnson
Joseph Charles
Gary Nicholds
Sharlene Buscza
Elderine Wyrick
Brent Brantly

Silver Guardians

Richard Nti
Cleveland Huntley
Darlene Draper
Pookattu Paul
Caroline Geer
LaKeisha Bryan-Hall
Misty Jesse
Quinton Egson
Mark Arnold
Bob Page
Joe Olachea