A Welcome from Chancellor, Rev. Dr. David Anderson

Welcome to Omega Graduate School!

For three decades now, people of all walks of life and from all parts of the world have come to Omega Graduate School to pursue graduate education. We are delighted that they have done so, and are delighted that you have visited this website to explore your own possible educational opportunities.

The Omega Graduate School program is concentrated on research, with supporting seminar and tutorial coursework that advances the research objectives of the faculty and students, with a clear focus on the integration of faith and learning within the various disciplines. It is this distinctive educational program, directed primarily toward a Doctor of Philosophy in integration of religion and society, with Christian worldview, that provides an interdisciplinary approach to addressing the pressing, complex challenges of family, church, community, and society.

Additionally, there are two Master’s programs with concentrations in Family Life Education or Organizational Leadership. All of this is provided within flexible residency requirements in a retreat-like setting that facilitates the exchange of ideas from different occupations, cultures, and traditions, and the thoughtful reflection of those things that are important to our growth in faith and respective fields. Moreover, with its historical emphasis on adult-learning and on admitting applicants who have years of experience, Omega Graduate School fosters enhanced respect and collaboration between faculty and student, as well as enhanced opportunities for research and writing/publication in the post-graduate Omega Society of Scholars.

Also distinctive to the completion of the doctoral work at Omega Graduate School are the requirements for seminar and/ or research work at European libraries, and the U.S. Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

This is why we believe that you will want to share in this unique educational and cultural experience as together we try to make Omega Graduate School a place in which we can all grow in our faith and contribute to a better world.

Rev. Dr. David Anderson, Chancellor