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Omega Graduate School is an independent, free-standing, research institution committed to providing a quality educational experience for Christian adults. OGS is non-denominational, non-profit, and non-discriminatory.

Omega Graduate School is authorized for operation as a postsecondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission

The institutional goal is the integration of religion and society and includes increasing morality and ethics in business and industry principles and values in all society. The doctoral program is designed to teach research focused on the family, community, and the church. Curricular requirements of OGS call for students to incorporate the principles of their faith into their academic work and to show how it influences their vocational practices. The school is not a Seminary; it does not offer courses in Biblical studies or theology, although students are encouraged to incorporate such study into assignments.

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Are you called to be a Christian leader who will change the world? Develop the passion and skills to think through and offer real contributions to the complex issues facing the twenty-first century world. Real learning occurs as you dialogue and interact, not just with the faculty, but with other adult learners globally and from all types of occupations.

Omega Graduate School promotes a distinctively different learning community focused on adults where the traditional barriers to lifelong learning are limited. The lifelong learning model puts emphasis on research and knowledge with real-world results, on empowering mission to effect social change in the world, and on a diverse student body that spans geographical, cultural, and religious boundaries.

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Our culture needs leaders like you who can integrate your faith and your professional field at a high academic level and effectively apply your faith in practical ways. When choosing OGS you get an institution with a Christian mission to affect social change positively in the world. When you compare cost, you will find the best education for your dollar. Our program is designed for adult learners with a culture that encourages original and innovative research.

The first step in the application process to complete the on-line application. You will receive a congratulatory letter from the admission department of OGS with forms for you to complete for your academic record, references, and personal information.  Questions?  Call our Admissions Office toll-free at 800-933-6188 (within the U.S.) or at 423-775-6596 (outside the U.S.).

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