What is an MLitt Degree?

An MLitt, or Master of Letters, is a postgraduate degree primarily found in Arts and Humanities subjects. It’s similar to an MA (Master of Arts) or an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) in terms of qualification level. The MLitt is notably prevalent in Scottish universities and some English institutions, particularly Oxford and Cambridge​​.

How Does an MLitt Differ from Other Master’s Degrees?

The MLitt stands out for its specific focus, often allowing for more in-depth study in a chosen field compared to a general MA. For example, an MLitt in Shakespeare & Performance could blend elements of English and Theater studies​.

What Are the Types of MLitt Degrees?

  • Taught MLitt: Similar to an MA, this usually involves coursework and a dissertation of 15,000-18,000 words. It’s commonly a one-year program in Scotland.
  • Research MLitt: More akin to an MPhil, focusing on independent research with a longer thesis, usually around 40,000-70,000 words. It’s typically a two-year program in England​.

What Subjects Can Be Studied in an MLitt Degree?

MLitt degrees are offered in a variety of subjects, primarily in Humanities, including but not limited to Creative Writing, History, Languages, Law, Literature, Philosophy, and Politics​.

What Does the MLitt Curriculum Look Like at Omega Graduate School?

At Omega Graduate School, the MLitt degree specializes in Organizational Leadership. The curriculum includes courses on Transformative Learning, Leadership Development, Hermeneutics, Human Behavior, and Professional Ethics, among others. It aims to equip graduates with effective leadership skills in various organizational contexts​.

What Is the Significance of an MLitt Degree?

An MLitt degree is internationally recognized and offers in-depth study and research opportunities in specialized fields. It’s suitable for those aiming for academic advancement, specialized knowledge, and research-oriented careers.

Why Choose an MLitt Degree at Omega Graduate School Over a Traditional MA?

1. Specialized Focus in Organizational Leadership

The MLitt program at Omega Graduate School offers a specialized curriculum in Organizational Leadership. This focus provides a unique blend of leadership, ethics, and organizational dynamics, which is not commonly found in traditional Master of Arts programs. Such specialization is beneficial for students aiming for leadership roles in various organizational settings.

2. Integration of Faith-Based Perspectives

As a faith-based graduate school, Omega Graduate School integrates Christian principles and values into its curriculum. This approach offers a distinctive educational experience, aligning academic pursuit with spiritual growth, which might not be available in secular MA programs.

3. Research-Oriented Approach

Omega Graduate School’s MLitt program emphasizes research, critical thinking, and analytical skills. This research-oriented approach is particularly valuable for students interested in academic careers or those who wish to pursue doctoral studies. It provides a robust foundation for advanced research, which may differ from the more coursework-focused MA degrees.

4. Diverse and Practical Curriculum

The MLitt at Omega Graduate School covers a wide range of topics including Transformative Learning, Human Behavior, and Professional Ethics. This diverse curriculum is designed not just for theoretical knowledge but also for practical application in real-world scenarios, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

5. Flexibility and Personalization

The program offers flexibility, allowing students to tailor their learning experience to their specific interests and career goals. This personalization aspect can be more advantageous than the often more rigid structure of traditional MA programs.

6. Global Recognition

The MLitt degree is internationally recognized, making it a valuable qualification for students aiming for global careers. This international aspect can be particularly appealing for students seeking opportunities beyond the United States.

7. Small Class Sizes and Individual Attention

Omega Graduate School is known for its small class sizes, ensuring personalized attention and mentorship from faculty. This contrasts with larger institutions where MA programs might have larger classes, potentially reducing individualized learning experiences.

8. Networking and Career Opportunities

The school’s focus on leadership and its diverse alumni network provides excellent networking and career advancement opportunities. Graduates of the MLitt program often find themselves well-placed for leadership roles in various sectors.


For American students considering postgraduate education, the MLitt degree at Omega Graduate School offers a distinctive combination of specialized focus, faith-based learning, research orientation, and practical application. It stands out as a compelling alternative to traditional Master of Arts degrees, particularly for those aspiring to leadership roles in diverse organizational contexts.

For more information on the MLitt program at Omega Graduate School, visit Omega Graduate School – MLitt Degree.